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January 2021

Car Tires vs. Potholes

By potholes

Potholes cause costly damage to car wheels, suspension and steering systems. Tire blowouts are most common, but tougher new material offers better protection. Is there such a thing as a pothole-proof car tire? One Finnish company believes it can be done – so much so they are introducing a very resilient product in North America made of the same material as used in bulletproof vests. It comes with an 80,000-mile…

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Reading the Road

By Uncategorized

Since the early 20th century, markings and reflectors have helped guide our way and keep us safe while driving. Too bad potholes don’t come with such warnings. While it’s commonplace today to see yellow and white lines, and different colored reflectors, embedded in our streets and highways, that hasn’t always been the case. The first painted lines down the middle of roads – in Wayne County, Michigan in 1911 –…

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