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Pothole History a Good Reference Point in New Jersey

By March 25, 2014July 8th, 2014No Comments

Where do serious pothole reporters turn to for historical pothole information?, of course!

But seriously, Jessica Masulli Reyes cited our site in her article, “Ka-thump! It’s pothole time,” published in the New Jersey Herald ( on March 21, 2014. She largely references our own deep-dive research into the history of potholes, which stretches back to the Roman Empire when all those roads and aqueducts needed their own infrastructure maintenance program. But Reyes also describes the modern problems caused by potholes – flat tires, alignment issues, undercarriage damage – all of which can be very costly to motorists.

Reyes’ article imparts tips from the AAA on minimizing damage from potholes to your car (which concurs are useful): Slow down when approaching a pothole, keep properly inflated tires, and be suspicious of puddles (which often camouflage a deep crevice). An AAA spokesperson advises against swerving to avoid pothole damage because it can lead to collisions with other vehicles.

Thank you to the New Jersey Herald for reporting on this year’s horrific pothole season!

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