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A Musical Tribute to the Potholes of Connecticut

By March 15, 2011July 8th, 2014No Comments

The producers of the Colin McEnroe, specifically Patrick Skahill and a group he assembles featuring Captain John Holt and Chion Wolf, peppered the program that aired on March 7, 2011, “Potholes Are Unbearable,” with a couple of songs that pay a rhythm and bluesy tribute to that ubiquitous scourge of streets everywhere.

This first is soloist Chion Wolf with her own ode to potholes:

I’m drivin’ down Main Street
Got nowhere else to be
Oh man! Stupid potholes keep messin’ with me

My tire seems OK
So I’ll just be on my way
Gonna go grocery shoppin and a little bar hoppin’
Oh! Stupid potholes!

Now I’m testin’ my suspension
It’s OK but I should mention
I can feel some epic tension
But I’m just gonna go on my way
Aw, stupid potholes!

Oh man, my suspension’s effed-up
Which means that I am fed up
The DOT can get their asses down here ASAP
There’s a million potholes everywhere
I swear it’s like they breed

Now I gotta call my insurance company
Woe-woe-woe is me
I’m a pothole casualty
Just another one, just another one
And no sympathy for me
Whump! …

The show closed with Captain Holt, singing and a voice-over close by Wolf:

This tells the damn story
God bless the pothole
Down on memory lane
God bless the pothole
Down on memory lane
There’s the real big ones over there!
Those are the memories that do remain

I’m Chion Wolf, Let me know if anyone out there wants to baptize their baby in these potholes
Because you know what they do say
Father Son and Hole-y Ghost …

The complete interview, including the music, can be found at:

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