Potholes: How They Happen, How We Try to Fix Them

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A pothole by definition is a problem. No one intends for a pothole to form and exist – they are not here by intent. Unfortunately, the technology does not yet exist to build impenetrable pavement because all roads are subject to inevitable atrophy. The best we can hope is to minimize pothole formation for as long as possible. To know the best ways to fix potholes – and prevent them from forming in the first place – it helps to understand how pavement is constructed and what it is about…read more


Potholes Were – And Still Are – Shovel Ready

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President Obama wants to blame Republicans, but a major opportunity to repair infrastructure was missed in 2009 President Obama threw the lowly pothole into the lofty debates on the future of our country on April 18 when he suggested that Republican-led budget cuts will further the crumbling of infrastructure, leading to “potholes everywhere.” Really? Mr. President, the potholes are hardly the sole fault of the Republicans. With all due respect, this is a problem that has been building for a long time. Potholes are a product of two things: physics…read more