Pavement Condition Index

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The Pavement Condition Index is a numerical index between 0 and 100 and is used to indicate the condition of a roadway. It is widely used in transportation civil engineering. It is a statistical measure and requires manual survey of the pavement. The Pavement Condition Index (PCI), developed by the United States Army Corps of Engineers, is based on a visual survey of the pavement and a numerical value between 0 and 100 defines the condition with 100 representing an excellent pavement. The process involves the following steps: Click here…read more


Pay now or Really pay later

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Debunking 3 of the most common excuses to not address a pothole problem Introduction: We’ve all seen them, we all hate them, and we all know the damage they can do. Still, potholes all too often are left unattended, leaving commuters vulnerable to serious damages, and in turn, serious repair costs. Below are three of the most common excuses to not address pothole problems. All of the scenarios below are hypothetical, but are entirely plausible. Whether it involves repairing the pothole yourself or making a simple phone call to report…read more